05/03/2024 19:30

Delhi Capitals Women v Mumbai Indians Women

05/03/2024 19:30

Peshawar Zalmi v Multan Sultans

06/03/2024 14:30

Quetta Gladiators v Karachi Kings

06/03/2024 19:30

Islamabad United v Lahore Qalandars

06/03/2024 19:30


07/03/2024 09:30

India v England

07/03/2024 17:00

Afghanistan v Ireland

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About Cricket Betting on Winbuzz

Cricket fans in India are now preferred Winbuzz for online cricket betting. As it is one of most watched game India soaring popularity and availability of online betting platforms, punters can now engage in wagers on their favorite sport throughout the year. As millions join the global community of online cricket satta, Winbuzz stands Biggest platform for an best betting experience.
While cricket’s origins date back to the 16th century, the game has undergone so many transformations. The Indian Premier League (IPL), featuring iconic players, and 5 hour game, gives best option for new age fast paced generation. Winbuzz offers a diverse format of crickets, including the five-day Test Cricket, One Day Cricket with 50 overs per team, and the high-paced Twenty20 (T20) Cricket. Winbuzz allows you to legally bet on anywhere in India for cricket match of your choice, making cricket betting accessible and exciting for fans across the country.

Major Cricket Tournaments

From the iconic ICC Cricket World Cup to the electrifying Indian Premier League (IPL), these tournaments are not just about the glory of the game but also an opportunity to engage in exciting cricket betting. Betters across the country wait for this tournament. Witness your predictions turn into winnings as the world’s best teams faces each other for cup.
Winbuzz account allows you to view live score in winbuzz account and place a bet. International matches such as Ashes between Australia and England to the Border-Gavaskar Trophy featuring India and Australia, the platform extends its offerings to domestic First-Class Cricket competitions like the Sheffield Shield in Australia and the County Championship in the UK. Winbuzz even provides opportunities for risk-free legal betting on cricket during select First-Class Cricket matches.
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ICC Cricket World Cup


ICC T20 World Cup

How Cricket Betting Works

Cricket betting is not just about luck; it’s a strategic game where knowledge and intuition play a crucial role. Understanding the form of players, pitch conditions, and team strategies can give you a winning edge. From predicting match outcomes to individual player performances, every aspect adds a layer of excitement to your cricket-watching experience.

Cricket Betting Market

The Online Sports Betting market in India is expected to achieve a revenue milestone, reaching USD $1.97 billion by the year 2024. Exhibiting a consistent annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 6.98%, the market will expand further, with a projected market volume of USD $2.58 billion by 2028. In terms of user base, the Online Sports Betting market in India is forecasted to attract a substantial audience, with an estimated 18.1 million users anticipated by 2028. The user penetration rate is set to rise from 1.0% in 2024 to 1.2% by 2028, reflecting a growing engagement with online sports betting platforms.

Types of Cricket Betting on Wibuzz

Cricket betting at Winbuzz has various options. Place your bets before match or during the match. some betting types are traditional like Match Winners, Highest Score, Highest Wicket Taker. Lets explore some popular types of bets:

Pre-Match Cricket Betting:

Lay Your Strategy Before the Action Unfolds. Before the ball is bowled, pre-match cricket betting allows you to place your wagers on various markets, such as match outcomes, top batsmen, bowlers, and more. While pre-match betting often offers the best odds, we recommend waiting for the toss to gain valuable insights before making your wagers.

Live Cricket Betting:

Experience the Game in Real-Time. Live cricket betting is a game-changer, transforming the way you watch the sport. As the match unfolds, seize opportunities to bet on changing dynamics. From standard markets to specific innings, overs, and even the next ball, live betting at Winbuzz provides a dynamic and immersive experience.

Outright Cricket Betting:

Predict the Tournament Outcome. Do you have a strong belief in a team’s victory in a tournament? Outright cricket betting allows you to wager on the overall outcome of a series or tournament, be it the IPL, Ashes, or World Cup. Winbuzz offers competitive outright odds, giving you the chance to predict not only tournament winners but also top bowlers and batsmen.
  1. Match-Winner Bets: This classic wager allows you to predict the ultimate winner of the match or the team that will lift the trophy in a tournament.
  2. Top Batsman/Bowler Bets: Shift your focus to individual brilliance by predicting which player will shine the brightest, whether by scoring the most runs or taking the highest number of wickets.
  3. Innings Bets: Explore specific innings within a match and place bets on scenarios such as which team will score more runs in the first innings or how many wickets will fall in the second innings.
  4. Handicap Bets: Level the playing field by providing a virtual advantage or disadvantage to a team based on their perceived strength, enhancing the odds for more competitive matchups.
  5. Over/Under Bets: Predict the total number of runs, wickets, or sixes in a match or innings and decide whether the actual count will surpass or fall below the set benchmark.
  6. Prop Bets: Unleash your creativity with fun and specific bets, such as guessing the method of dismissal for the first batsman out or predicting the team to hit the most boundaries.
  7. Highest Opening Partnership: Anticipating which team will establish the strongest opening partnership, a crucial element in setting the tone for the entire match.
  8. A Fifty to Be Scored in Specific Innings: Bet on the likelihood of a player scoring a half-century in a particular inning, adding an extra layer of excitement to individual performances.
  9. A Century to Be Scored in Specific Innings: Elevate the stakes by predicting whether a player will reach the prestigious century mark in a specific inning, celebrating exceptional batting feats.
  10. Most Boundaries/Sixes: Engage in the excitement of predicting which team will dominate in hitting boundaries or sixes, emphasizing the aggressive aspect of the game.
  11. First Wicket Method: Guess the method of dismissal for the initial batsman to depart – whether caught, bowled, LBW, or other possibilities.
  12. Man of the Match: Pick the standout player who will be declared the Man of the Match, recognizing exceptional contributions across batting, bowling, or all-around performance.

Cricket Odds

Understanding cricket odds is the key to successful betting. Odds reflect the probability of a particular event occurring, and deciphering them can guide you in making informed decisions. From fractional to decimal and moneyline odds, familiarize yourself with the language of betting to maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot.
As you explore the India cricket betting line, you’ll encounter odds or online cricket rates reflecting various events within the game – from predicting a team’s victory to estimating the total runs. Each cricket bet odd signifies the likelihood of an event, with lower numbers indicating higher probability. These odds also reveal your potential winnings, offering a comprehensive view of the betting landscape.
Deciphering Cricket Odds

In a Test match between India and England, you might see odds like 1.76 for India to win. If you bet ₹1,000 on India and they emerge victorious, you’d get back ₹1,760 – your original ₹1,000 plus ₹760 in winnings. The formula is simple: Wager amount x Betting odds = Payout.

For example:

₹1,000 x 1.76 = ₹1,760

  • Total Payout = (Stake * Odds)
  • Total Payout = (₹1,000 * 1.76)
  • Total Payout = ₹1,760

For a seamless betting experience, check today’s match odds at WinBuzz and place your bets on India cricket with confidence.
WinBuzz ensures transparency in cricket betting rates, empowering punters to make informed choices and enjoy a rewarding betting experience. Cricket odds, displayed in various formats like decimal, fractional, or moneyline, represent the probability of an event happening. Lower odds indicate a higher likelihood, while higher odds suggest a less probable outcome.

Comparing Odds for Better Returns: Don’t settle for the first odds you see! Shop around different platforms like WinBuzz to find the most favorable odds for your chosen bet, maximizing your potential winnings.

How to Use Betting Odds?

Cricket betting goes beyond predicting the match winner. It involves exploring various markets and understanding the odds offered by different sportsbooks. If you stick to one sportsbook, you might miss out on valuable opportunities. Line shopping, checking different sportsbooks for the best odds, becomes crucial to maximize returns.

Where to Find the Best Cricket Betting Odds

Finding the best cricket betting odds involves a bit of exploration. While some sportsbooks consistently offer competitive rates, it depends on the specific match and the market demand. Platforms like Pinnacle, focused on the professional market, often provide favorable odds.

In a nutshell, getting the highest possible odds is a game-changer in cricket betting. It’s not just a part of the battle; it’s the entire battle. So, as you embark on your cricket betting journey, remember to line shop, compare odds, and secure the best deals to enhance your chances of long-term success. Happy betting!


Online Betting Tips: Enhance Your Strategy

Cricket betting at Winbuzz goes beyond luck – it’s a strategic endeavor. Gain the upper hand with these tips:

  • Weather Analysis: Rain can impact Test cricket matches, making weather forecasts crucial for strategic betting.
  • Pitch Conditions: Understand how different pitches influence the game. Some favor fast bowlers, while others enhance batting opportunities.
  • Player Form: Stay updated on team and player performances. Unique skills can be game-changers, irrespective of a team’s overall form.

Why Choose Winbuzz for Cricket Betting?

Winbuzz emerges as the ideal platform for your online cricket betting adventures. With international experience dating back to 1996, Winbuzz provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable betting experience. Whether using the website on your computer or the iOS/Android app, Winbuzz offers the best cricket match odds for major leagues and tournaments.

Explore a wide array of sports at Winbuzz, from baseball to football, with options for both pre-match and live football betting. Virtual sports add an exciting twist to your betting repertoire.

Check the latest cricket betting rates, and choose your cricket bet price. For the ultimate cricket satta experience, Winbuzz is your trusted partner.